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Why should investors transact anywhere else?

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The entire investor journey

The easiest, most integrated and investor-friendly way to launch your next Fund or SPV.

Let investors transact in your company's portal—not in separate software.

Let investors transact in your company's portal—not in separate software.

Unlike standalone solutions, your investors will enjoy a single location to access documents and data, communicate with you and transact. It is the most seamless online investor experience possible for fundraising, and it is all centered around your company.

Bring your fund administrator directly into the transaction.

Bring your fund administrator directly into the transaction.

Your fund administrator can review transactions, suggest changes and approve your transactions online too, bringing all parties of the transaction together in one place. Welcome to straight-through processing for private investments.

An easy process for you and your investors.

An easy process for you and your investors.

We convert your documentation to an easy-to-use online wizard that the largest institutions to first-time individual investors will love to use. Not just that, but most investors will go from start to finish without any additional help.

Use your own subscription and transaction documents.

Use your own subscription and transaction documents.

We turn your existing documentation into an easy-to-use, highly intuitive online wizard that the largest institutions and first-time individual investors love to use.

Accept additional investments and redemptions too.

Accept additional investments and redemptions too.

Eleven lets you continue to service your investors, and for them to service themselves, after the initial subscription. We support a growing number of transaction types. Your investors can even manage their own investment contacts.

How it works

Start accepting investments digitally—easily.

Using your existing subscription documents

Upload your document

Start with a fund subscription document or an SPV. We'll convert your document to a dynamic and easy-to-use online wizard.

Customize your portal

While we're at work, you can start to customize and build out several areas of your investor servicing portal. In as little as an hour, your prospects and clients can be set up and prepared to enter a full-fledged, branded data room and investor servicing center.

Review and approve

Once your document is digitized, you will be able to take it for some test runs. When you're ready to go live, hit the launch button to start inviting investors to transact digitally.

Monitor in real-time

As the transactions roll in, you will have the tools and transparency to monitor progress, manage your round and provide exceptional assistance to investors along the way.

Fund administrator review

If your fund administrator is connected, they can review submissions, suggest changes, and send it to you for signature. Once all parties are signed, they can seamlessly process and approve the transactions.

Approve (and celebrate)

If your document requires your own signature or other information, like entering accepted amounts, you can give it a sign too. If you have a fund administrator, they will handle the rest.

Take things further

Keep servicing investors in your portal—after they transact.

Your fund administrator can use Eleven to continue servicing your investors in your own investor servicing portal. Investors can keep engaging with your company. They can receive investor communications and documents, such as capital call notices, investor statements and tax documents. They can seamlessly manage their investment contacts and they can access stunning, customizable fund- and investor-level digital dashboards custom-built specifically for you.

Ongoing client engagement

Pay as you go

Our simple, scalable pricing for digital transactions works for companies of all sizes.

For firms large and small, we charge a small processing fee for each transaction submitted. For subscription documents, we charge a one-time fee to make your document digital.

$19 - $99

per transaction

Rate based on transaction type

Subscription documents have a one-time setup fee.

Why Eleven

The infrastructure to power your team—and growth.

Built for you

This module has been built in collaboration with our clients to give you the specific, enterprise-level solutions you need. Not just that, but we also ensure you have the easiest to use, easiest to implement and most powerful set of tools available for your company, your clients and you.

We keep innovating

We endlessly release new features, upgrades and improvements, and respond aggressively to feedback from our users.

Compliant, reliable and secure

Eleven is a SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 company. Our systems have over 99% uptime, are scalable and redundant.

Highly modular

This means using what you need. Enterprise systems can take companies a long time to roll out, but Eleven makes technology really easy to adopt and scale as your usage and needs grow.

We care

We love forming deep, quality partnerships with our clients. It is how we build things specific to your needs. We measure our success by how much your team loves the Eleven technology.

Let investors invest—in your portal.

Simplify fundraising and investor experiences.

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