Senior Team

Senior team

Our senior leadership team brings decades of experience in technology and finance and a passion for creating rewarding customer experiences. They work tirelessly to push boundaries in creativity and innovation with a commitment to propelling your business, your relationships and our industry forward.

Eric Slaim


Alex Martsynkevich


An Amplified Company

Eleven is an affiliate of Amplified Technology Holdings, Inc, a non-operating holding company that aims to drive efficiency in the alternative investments ecosystem.

Board of Directors

Dimitri Sogoloff / Chairman, Co-President

Eric Slaim / Co-President

Michael Dubilier — Dubilier & Co.

Michael Fawkes — Dubilier & Co.

Larry Smith — Global CIO and US CEO, Credit Suisse Asset Mgmt (fmr)

John Hunt — CEO Institutional Americas, J.P. Morgan Asset Mgmt (fmr)


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