Fund administrators

Adopt and offer digital transaction workflows.

Fund administrators use Eleven to bring digital transaction technology to their Investor Services teams and clients.

  • Faster processing for fund subscriptions
  • Automatic syncing with accounting systems
  • Easy investor experience
  • Earn new revenue streams
  • Start with a single client
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Powerful and easy

Fund subscriptions • SPVs • Additional investments • Redemptions

The world's most advanced, intuitive online transaction experience for private investments is here.

Accurate submissions

Speed up processing times for fund subscriptions.

When fund subscription documents are submitted on Eleven, accuracy and completion rates start approaching 100%. Your team, clients and investors will save countless hours of time with processing incomplete and inaccurate forms.

KCY documents

Onboard KYC documents easily.

We help you receive the correct and complete KYC package from each investor, whether they are an individual or entity, or domiciled in the U.S. or U.K. Investor Profiles allow investors to store and their KYC information for easy use with future transactions.

Two-way APIs

Sync data automatically with two-way APIs.

Manually entering data from subscription documents into your accounting software is a thing of the past. Our robust API capabilities let you securely and even automatically transfer data directly between Eleven and your accounting systems.

If you do not have API capabilities, our easy to use import/export capabilities and intuitive online features help you operate seamlessly.

Transaction ledger

Get the complete transaction history.

From cosigners to your team, everyone involved in the transaction can have access to the complete transaction history. With real-time visibility and download capabilities, all parties can benefit from yet another layer of transparency, security and compliance.

Revenue streams

Generate new revenue streams.

We create several ways for your business to generate additional revenue through Eleven, including through digitization services, premium portal offerings and revenue shares.

Modular technology

Unlock more capabilities as you scale.

Eleven is highly modular, meaning it allows you to use what you need. When you are ready to do more, Eleven's full featured platform has you covered.

Ready to distribute capital call notices and statements? You can. Ready to service all your clients, their investors and their contacts with a single system? You can do that too.

A complete experience

Imagine your clients, their investors and you seamlessly connected in the same environment.

No other technology brings together all parties of a transaction together like Eleven. With you sitting right at the center, you will be bringing more collaboration, transparency and value to each transaction and everyone involved.

Welcome to straight-through processing for private investments.

It is yours to deliver.

How it works

Start with one client—and scale.

Offer and launch digital transactions without any major upfront development, costs or investment of time.

Setup your first client

Eleven will create a license for you to launch a digital transaction for your first client and be connected on all sides.

Generate revenue

Earn additional revenue and in multiple ways from participating in the digitization process to earning additional licensing revenue.

Process transactions faster

Enjoy accurate submissions, completed KYC packages, full audit trails and integrated workflow tools, so you can review, process and approve transactions faster than ever before.

Sync data automatically

With APIs and/or export functionality, you can eliminate the need to manually transfer data in scanned documents to your accounting software. On Eleven, the transaction data lives in digital form.

Keep launching

There's no additional paperwork to launch more transactions for more clients, or more digital transactions for your existing client, such as additional investments and redemptions.

Keep servicing

Optionally, expand beyond the transaction

Unlike standalone digital transaction software, Eleven gives you the power to continue servicing investors and their contacts after the transaction, in the same client portal where they made the transaction.

  • Deliver documents, including capital call notices and monthly statements
  • Create stunning, data-driven dashboards
  • Manage investor contacts and permissions
  • Scale your Investor Servicing team's workflows

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Full features

We have you covered

From enterprises to individuals, you will enjoy the most comprehensive, integrated, relevant and easy-to-use tools available in a online transaction application. Once we release something, we do not stop there. We endlessly roll out new features and improve what we have. The best part is that we take feedback directly from you, our user.

  • Investor assistance

  • Suggest changes

  • Revoke signatures

  • Approve investments

  • Data logs and audit trails

  • Electronic signature workflows

  • General Partner signatures

  • Accepted investment amounts

  • KYC documents

  • Investor contacts

  • Bulk downloading

  • User roles

  • Fund subscriptions

  • Additional investments

  • Redemptions

  • SPVs

  • More...

Why Eleven

The infrastructure to power your team—and your growth.

Built for you

This module has been built in collaboration with our clients to give you the specific, enterprise-level solutions you need. Not just that, but we also ensure you have the easiest to use, easiest to implement and most powerful set of tools available for your company, your clients and you.

We keep innovating

We endlessly release new features, upgrades and improvements, and respond aggressively to feedback from our users.

Compliant, reliable and secure

Eleven is a SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 company. Our systems have over 99% uptime, are scalable and redundant.

Highly modular

This means using what you need. Enterprise systems can take companies a long time to roll out, but Eleven makes technology really easy to adopt and scale as your usage and needs grow.

We care

We love forming deep, quality partnerships with our clients. It is how we build things specific to your needs. We measure our success by how much your team loves the Eleven technology.

Start harnessing digital transactions.

Win business, increase productivity and generate revenue.

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