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A central system to power the investor side of your business.

For businesses of all sizes, run fundraising, digital subscriptions, investor onboarding and KYC and client servicing in the same place. You can deliver more productive investor experiences, accelerate capital raising and improve operations.

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What's included

Because CRMs and growth from mass emails are just not good enough.

Capital raising, marketing and investor relations do not have to be complicated. Get running quickly with your own environment that will power your business better.

Some of our favorite features:


Going beyond what traditional CRM systems can do.

  • Manage visibility and access rights
  • Robust timelines with insights
  • Smart, tailored, timely follow-ups
  • Integrated NDAs
  • Bulk and individual actions
  • Investment and KYC information

Virtual Documents

Securely host and share documents in your Investor Portal

  • Unlimited libraries and folders
  • Visibility and access controls
  • Drag and drop folders or repositories
  • Insights and notifications
  • Easy management


Secure area to host information about your funds, SPVs and offerings

  • Custom digital dashboards
  • Visibility and access controls
  • Accreditation checks
  • Insights and workflows
  • HF, PE, VC, RE, SPV modules
  • Full company branding
  • Investments and related transactions
  • Indications of interest

Digital Transactions

Let investors subscribe in your Investor Portal

  • Your offering materials digitized
  • Integrated KYC
  • Add-ons, redemptions, transfers
  • Fund administrator integration
  • Unified, seamless investor experience
  • End-to-end transaction workflows
  • Advanced, intuitive technology
  • Realtime monitoring
  • Set and track fundraising goals

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Investor Onboarding

KYC and reusable Investor Profiles

  • Dynamic KYC matrices
  • Cross jurisdictional support
  • ID verifications and validations
  • Approval workflows
  • Investor entities and beneficial owners
  • PEPs
  • Data and documents
  • Highly maintainable

Investor Servicing

Your LP portal for existing investors can live here too

  • Administrator or team powered
  • Works across fund administrators
  • Custom dashboards and documents
  • Permissions and distributions
  • A unified, rich investor experience

Investor Voting

Sometimes things require LPs to vote. Gone are the days of spreadsheets and emails.

  • Launch a vote among investors
  • Set start and end dates
  • Track progress in real time

Things you'll love



your sales cycles.

Going from lead to client no longer has to take a year. Start driving engagement earlier and eliminating months from the due diligence timeline by giving prospects frictionless access to information and updates they need on the secure, compliant infrastructure they demand.



your leads.

Take an active and more effective approach to capital raising with customer-driven insights, client segmentation and integrated workflows. Embrace being a more informed seller capable of following up with your relationships in a highly tailored, more productive ways at scale.



your client relations.

Client experience matters. With the industry's most intuitive, comprehensive tools, you can run a client-centric organization in pursuit of happier investors, greater brand loyalty and faster, easier growth.



your marketing.

It's about getting a higher return on your marketing investment. Not only will you be able to talk to more customers more productively, but you may also save money by avoiding expensive, in-house technology projects and multiple software licenses with data everywhere.


the entire investor journey.

From due diligence to interactive analytics, electronic transactions, monitoring, two-way communications and personal controls, your customers can now easily and intuitively engage, interact and invest with you—all in one secure place.


Selected featuresCRMsData roomsDigital SubscriptionsInvestor PortalsEleven
CRM software$NoNoNo
Virtual Data RoomNo$NoNo
Smart Insights and WorkflowsLimitedNoNoNo
Fund Administrator integrationsNo$LimitedLimited
Online investment inquiriesNoNoNo
Digital transactionsNoNoLimitedNo
Investor Onboarding / KYCNoNoLimitedNo
Reusable Investor ProfilesNoNoNoNo
Why Eleven

The infrastructure to power your team—and your growth.

Built for you

This module has been built in collaboration with our clients to give you the specific, enterprise-level solutions you need. Not just that, but we also ensure you have the easiest to use, easiest to implement and most powerful set of tools available for your company, your clients and you.

We keep innovating

We endlessly release new features, upgrades and improvements, and respond aggressively to feedback from our users.

Compliant, reliable and secure

Eleven is a SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 company. Our systems have over 99% uptime, are scalable and redundant.

Highly modular

This means using what you need. Enterprise systems can take companies a long time to roll out, but Eleven makes technology really easy to adopt and scale as your usage and needs grow.

We care

We love forming deep, quality partnerships with our clients. It is how we build things specific to your needs. We measure our success by how much your team loves the Eleven technology.

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Start engaging your relationships and scaling your business.

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