Fund Administrators

Your global operating system for client and investor servicing—and scalable growth.

From universal Investor Portals to digital fund subscriptions, KYC / investor onboarding and dashboard reporting, no matter which accounting software you use, Eleven keeps you ahead.

  • Boost operational productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Generate revenue
  • Simplify your technology stack
  • Increase value to clients
  • Future proof your business on technology

What's included

Complete value-creating solutions that will catapult your business

Here are just a few of our favorite things (among hundreds more):

Document distribution

Complete workflows to distribute documents to investors and their contacts quickly and accurately

  • Drag and drop files or batches
  • Secure, intelligent document links
  • Multiple layers of auditing
  • transparency and integration workflows
  • Smart permissioning

Investor Portal

Everything you need in a portal, and more, that works across the accounting software systems you use—today and tomorrow

  • Full life-cycle investor portal
  • Unlimited documents
  • Fundraising, digital subscriptions and investor servicing
  • Dynamic dashboard reporting
  • Fully branded for every client
  • Automation, APIs and powerful workflows
  • Highly customizable

Digital transactions

Fully loaded, all-party workflows with accounting software integrations

  • Fund subscriptions
  • Add-on investments
  • Digital redemptions
  • Transfers of interests
  • Profile updates
  • Global KYC and investor onboarding
  • Integrated risk ratings
  • Electronic signatures
  • Complete settings and customizations
  • Global jurisdictional support

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KYC / Investor Onboarding

Universal KYC workflows that make onboarding, approving, maintaining powerful and easy

  • Customized KYC matrixes
  • Reusable Investor Profiles
  • Smart update and approval workflows
  • Dynamic FATCA / CRS wizards
  • Validations and verifications
  • Importing and syncing

Risk Ratings

Manage your own models for determining investor risk scores.

  • Country risk ratings
  • Computed investor risk scores
  • Risk scoring overrides
  • Change history

Dynamic Dashboard Reporting

Design and populate stunning dashboards of fund- and investor-level data.

  • Fully customizable for each offering
  • Charts, tables, videos and more
  • Branding by client
  • Automatic updates by API
  • Easy updating through Excel
  • Integrated into the Investor Portal

Client File Sharing

Share documents privately with clients in the same investor servicing system.

  • Drive client engagement further
  • Participate in Eleven Kickoffs
  • Centralize your repository
  • Leverage the Eleven Drive application

Two-Way Data Flow

API and architecture that keep information in sync

  • Documents and data from accounting software to Eleven for reporting
  • Documents and data from transactions and other user-driven activity on Eleven to accounting software

Your system

Make Eleven technology your own

  • Custom branding for you and clients
  • Enterprise user roles and permissions
  • Comprehensive settings and preferences
  • Customized API integrations
  • Tailored development
  • Highly modular and intuitive

Things you'll love



your brand leadership.

In today's environment, the best way to compete is to scale your operations, create true value for your team, clients and investors and eliminate friction. Eleven puts you at the forefront of client service and technology with deep solutions and connectivity needed to win business, reduce costs and stay ahead.



money and time.

Free yourself from costs, pressures, time requirements and ongoing investment of building, supporting and innovating your own technology or navigating multiple systems.



your clients.

Empower your clients with the most advanced and integrated full lifecycle investor servicing technology. They will have tools, insights and intuitive workflows to lead in client service, market more effectively and accelerate growth. Investors will have one seamless environment to interact and engage.



subscriptions digitally.

Stop processing fund subscriptions on paper. Fund managers can offer their investors the ability to transact in a matter of clicks. Your team will benefit by processing subscriptions digitally. Everyone benefits from reduced errors, fast processing times, more security and simple, intuitive experience.

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online engagement.

When information is easier to access, people access it more. Investors will gain the most advanced, an all-in-one, universal environment to access information both from you and your clients—from monthly statements and NAVs to marketing materials, due diligence information, interactive tools, two-way communications, personalized settings and controls and more.

Why Eleven

The infrastructure to power your team—and your growth.

Built for you

This module has been built in collaboration with our clients to give you the specific, enterprise-level solutions you need. Not just that, but we also ensure you have the easiest to use, easiest to implement and most powerful set of tools available for your company, your clients and you.

We keep innovating

We endlessly release new features, upgrades and improvements, and respond aggressively to feedback from our users.

Compliant, reliable and secure

Eleven is a SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 company. Our systems have over 99% uptime, are scalable and redundant.

Highly modular

This means using what you need. Enterprise systems can take companies a long time to roll out, but Eleven makes technology really easy to adopt and scale as your usage and needs grow.

We care

We love forming deep, quality partnerships with our clients. It is how we build things specific to your needs. We measure our success by how much your team loves the Eleven technology.

You have questions, we have answers.

Go beyond just an investor portal.

Seriously upgrade your technology and value to clients.

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