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What's new on Eleven - January 2024

January's software release is packed with features that will take your fundraising, branding, usability and investor experiences even further. Here are some of our favorite updates from January.

Set fundraising goals

Fund managers can set fundraising targets for each currency or share class to track fundraising progress in real-time against their goals.

Request data room access

Launch investor voting

From transfers of interests to legal amendments, sometimes you need to ask your LPs to vote. A new Voting application allows fund managers to quickly launch voting campaigns with investors, set voting dates and get real-time analytics.

Eleven has added another restriction option for US Funds

Upload entire data rooms

Our new drag and drop and functionality lets fund managers set up folders, nested directories or entire data rooms in seconds.

Dedicated email domain

Take branding further

Fund administrators and fund managers can bring even more life and a richer brand experience into the Investor Portal by adding coloring to the portal's banner.

Eleven's new onboarding center for fund managers

Digital investing made even easier

We made design enhancements, introduced new loading animations, built smarter functionality for Controlling Persons, launched a new floating signature bar and added links in the "Things to do" helper. Together, they make completing subscription documents easier, faster and more enjoyable than ever.

Clearer investment contact permissioning

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