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What's new on Eleven - July 2023

July's software releases brought several new features and more usability enhancements to our customers. Here are some of our favorite things released in July, many of which were based on request.

Address auto-completion

Entering your address during a transaction is even faster and more accurate. Now when you start typing, you will see a list of intelligent suggestions. Give your address a click and the remaining address fields will automatically populate.

U.S. Tax Ids for "U.S. Persons"

For FATCA/CRS, a new workflow ensures you are collecting the right U.S. Tax ID for a U.S. Person, even if the Investor is domiciled somewhere else.

Eleven's FATCA/CRS onboarding wizard now requires US Tax IDs for US Persons

Adding investment contacts

For fund administrators, Eleven's APIs and Excel uploads help you manage investment contacts at scale. Sometimes you just want to add one contact online. Your Clients > Investments area now comes with a button to skip the import and add an investment contact online.

Fund administrators can easily add contacts through Eleven's UI

Insights is sleeker

With a migration to our newest code base, Insights has faster performance, upgraded designs, usability enhancements and a new Transaction Insights area for fund managers, including features like filtering across date ranges and aggregating transactions by currency.

Eleven's upgraded Insights platform

Document folders + Kickoffs

When launching a Kickoff, in addition to assigning kickoff types and labels, you can now attach a first-level document folder from the corresponding library too.

Kickoffs on Eleven now supports document folders

Filter contacts in your CRM by access

Fund managers now have a new filter in the Property menu called "With Portal Access." Combine it with other filters and easily see which relationships have been granted access to any of your data rooms or libraries.

Introducing another way to filter your relationships in Eleven's CRM

More stunning Custom Dashboards

Custom dashboards in the Investor Portals look even better. You will notice rounded borders, more spacing, cleaner shadows and bigger fonts, giving the dashboards a more modern feel and greater design consistency.

Custom dashboards on Eleven look even better

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