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What's new on Eleven - August 2023

August's software releases brought several new features and more usability enhancements to our customers. Here are some of our favorite things released in August, many of which were based on request.

Send messages from your own email domain

Fund Managers can now send messages directly from Eleven using their own email domain instead of ours. Our new Email Domain page in the Company section will help you make Eleven even more of your own.

Dedicated email domain

New onboarding center

Our new Getting Started page has been updated and expanded to help Fund Managers catapult their success and take advantage of more Eleven functionality. Fund Managers can use this as a home base for setting up things like their Investor Portal, Data Rooms, CRM, Digital Fund Subscriptions, fund administrator integrations, Eleven Pro features and more.

Eleven's new onboarding center for fund managers

Sleeker data rooms

We released several features that had a big impact on user experience. This includes features for investors to request access to restricted libraries, helping to further drive interaction and investor interest. It also includes UX enhancements, including improving the user experience when clicking and working with the folder tree.

Request data room access

Another investment restriction setting for U.S. offerings

Accepting qualified investors into an offering has just become easier. Now, Fund Managers can restrict submissions for fund subscriptions to only Accredited Investors, only Qualified Purchasers or both Accredited Investors and Qualified Purchasers.

Eleven has added another restriction option for US Funds

Clearer permissions for investment contacts

We have updated what permissions are called, making it highly intuitive for everyone to understand what each investment contact has access to. "Primary" permissions are now called "Full Access" and "Contact" permissions are now called “Documents."

Clearer investment contact permissioning

Support for subscription documents with multiple jurisdictions

What if your subscription document supports questions and workflows for investors in several jurisdictions? Fund Managers can now display investor types based on the investors' domiciles instead of the offering's, allowing you to support investors from many different countries in one agreement. Go to Form> Settings in your Investor Portal to enable the functionality.

Support for subscription agreements that have multiple investor domiciles

Your branding in even more places

For Fund Managers using Eleven Pro, your company’s branding now appears in even more places, further amplifying your brand and providing investors a more consistent experience. You will see your colors throughout the Investor Portal in more charts and icons throughout the Offerings pages and fund subscription workflows. This update also includes more dynamic coloring for charts when swapping between Light and Dark modes.

Your company's branding appears in even more places

Support Belgium, Germany and Switzerland investors

We are excited to introduce support for investors from Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. This means funds from these countries can now also go digital, and Fund Administrators can map out required KYC documentation by investor type in these regions too.

Support for Switzerland, Germany and Belgium

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