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Software Release - Update

Light Mode has arrived.

Experience the biggest design enhancements across the entire platform yet.

Introducing Light Mode on Eleven

At Eleven, we're committed to providing the most accessible, modern, and cutting-edge platform for investment managers, investors, and fund administrators in the alternative investments industry worldwide. That's why we're excited to announce the launch of Light Mode, our newest feature that makes the Eleven platform even more user-friendly and customizable.

Light Mode is more than just a new theme. We used this opportunity to take our technology and design systems to the next level, resulting in a sleek, ultra-clean, and modern version of the platform that's easier to use and more engaging for everyone.

Here are some of the key benefits of Light Mode:

Power to choose

With the click of a switch, users can set their Eleven experience according to their preferences and toggle between light and dark modes anytime.

Choose the Mode to match whichever way you work best on Eleven

Support for multiple logos

Companies can upload different versions of their logos and brand icons for both Light and Dark Mode to ensure their brand looks perfect in all scenarios.

Logos and icons for Light and Dark Mode

More modern, more engaging components

In both Light and Dark Modes, we left no stone unturned in evaluating designs. We focused on the smallest details, from rounded corners to shadows, margins, gradients and effects, to create the best user experience possible. What excites us more is that we are just getting started.

More modern, more engaging components on Eleven

Behind the scenes upgrades

In addition to modernizing our entire design system, we upgraded the front-end engine that renders Eleven in the browser, elevating performance and expanding what the technology can do. This will allow us to bring even more capabilities to our users and deliver it even faster.

Taking our customers even further

With Light Mode, our fund administrator and fund manager customers gain the power to deliver consistent and engaging brand experiences to their clients and investors across all channels.

It gives our investor users enterprise grade technology with a social-media like experience, the best of both worlds, so they can easily, reliably and confidently transact in their world of private investments and stay informed.

We are thrilled to bring you the biggest design enhancements across the entire Eleven platform yet. We hope you enjoy using Light Mode as much as we enjoyed creating it.