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Software Release - Update

Distribute or reinvest? Fund managers can request how investors want to receive cash.

Our latest release brings even more efficiency to the investment process. This release includes cash distribution preferences, banking workflows and approvals, an investment preferences area, real-time reporting and easy wire distributions.

Announcing cash distribution preferences

Personalization of your Eleven experience just got easier with the introduction of the platform’s Cash Distribution Preferences. This software update empowers fund administrators to customize the My Investments tab for investors and create a more engaging and digital experience. Read below for more information about the recent enhancements at Eleven.

Customize the investor experience

Fund administrators can now control which pages appear in the My Investments area in the Investor Portal on an offering-by-offering basis. With a simple toggle, fund administrators can create investment-specific experiences that further enhance portal usage.

Digital workflows for updating banking information

A new workflow allows investors to conveniently update their banking information online and have it verified by the fund administrator in just a few clicks. Fund administrators receive a notification to review and approve the updated banking information to ensure Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance. With the "in review" or "accepted" status feature, investors can easily track the progress of their bank account information update.

Choose the Mode to match whichever way you work best on Eleven

Cash distributions preferences are now digital

Our new cash distribution feature allows fund managers to electronically request how investors would like to receive cash distributions and investors to conveniently maintain their preferences online, indicating if they prefer to receive cash or reinvest.

Logos and icons for Light and Dark Mode

Stay informed in real time

Fund administrators and managers can now view all investor cash distribution preferences instantly. This saves valuable time for investor servicing teams and ensures quick dissemination of distributions. Additionally, it assists with fund administrator reconciliations, providing accurate and up-to-date information.

Import wiring instructions in bulk

Fund administrators can effortlessly export and then import banking information into the fund's bank account, enabling seamless and accurate distribution of funds, saving considerable time and reducing errors.

Sync banking information

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