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Introducing Eleven OS 7

Eleven OS 7 changes how data interacts between Investor Profiles and investments, bringing a new level of simplicity, centralization, data transparency and data integrity to the global private investment process.

Introducing Light Mode on Eleven

What makes Eleven OS 7 so powerful?

Making private investments should be as easy as making credit card purchases or investing in publicly traded securities. At the core of this idea are Eleven's Investor Profiles, secure information repositories designed to streamline the completion of fund subscription documents and KYC onboarding. With OS 7, we are pushing the boundaries of what Investor Profiles can do, delivering a truly reusable card for making private investments worldwide.

Eleven OS 7 takes Investor Profiles beyond just making private investments and onboarding for KYC. OS 7 allows for Investor Profile data and documents to be centrally maintained across investments. The real magic is in accommodating for all the unique and decentralized data requirements, approval processes, and workflows governing each investment, intelligently handling timing and data differences of each update, and incorporating any electronic signature requirements—all delivered through a highly intuitive and centralized experience.

Why "OS"?

Eleven is not defined as an operating system by traditional standards. However, it is used as the centralized operating system by our customers. As Eleven continues to touch more investors, fund managers, fund administrators and other participants around the world, the technology is increasingly becoming a holistic operating system connecting, powering and scaling the global private investments ecosystem.

OS 7 is Eleven's first official release under the operating system label, but is our seventh major system-wide upgrade and the culmination of tens of thousands software releases. OS 7 sets the next foundation for an aggressive software release schedule packed with more features and innovation for take our customers and our industry forward faster.

OS 7 brings new features and possibilities

Investor Profile cards

Your centralized card for making private investments and KYC onboarding. Now infinitely reusable and highly maintainable.

Eleven Investor Profile cards

The Investment Profile

A new concept, your Investment Profile is your Investor Profile, but for a specific investment. It always contains the most current information for the investment.

Your Investment Profile card in My Investments

Comparing data

See how data in the Investor Profile compares to data in each investment and maintain data accuracy and consistency.

Compare Investor Profile data to investment data

Centralized updates

Update information across all your investments at the same time, or just one. We take care of the all the notifications, digital transactions and related workflows.

Centrally update information across your investments

Streamlined investments dashboard

For investors, we stripped out complex action menus and introduced a single button to step into each investment.

Streamlined, enhanced dashboard for your investments

Suggest changes to KYC submissions

A new workflow stream allows a transaction to be opened up for KYC changes, while maintaining all the other data and signatures. Gone are the days of kicking back entire submission and signed agreement.

Your transaction needs some changes to your KYC documents

The full picture of every investment

Fund administrators and fund managers have a new investment panel, providing complete access to investment documents, fund and investor dashboards, contacts, settings, transactions, logs and the Investment Profile in a single view.

Drill down into each investment

And even more

Launch multiple forms for a single offering

Once you launch a digital agreement, now you can update the underlying document for use in future transactions.

Change the underlying agreement even during live transactions
Fund adminsFund managers

Log acceptances of your NDA

In People, you can add a record to a person's timeline if an NDA has been accepted outside of Eleven.

Log acceptances of your NDA
Fund managers

From and reply-to email addresses

Our new Dedicated Email Domain service lets you send emails from your domain. A new menu lets you intelligently and safely select the sender.

Choose which email address to use when sending messages
Fund managers

Showcase a custom metric for any offering

Fund managers can now add a unique and differentiating statistic to any offering.

Showcase a custom metric or statistic for each offering
Fund managers

Smart mapping for CRS Participating Country

We now automatically suggest whether a financial institution is from a non-participating jurisdiction for CRS.

Automated mapping for financial institutions in CRS Participating countries

Access investments in any state

New filters let fund administrators and fund managers see in process and deactivated investments too and go beyond just the active state.

Access to investments of any status
Fund adminsFund managers

Company all-in-one setup

A new panel in the main dropdown menu gives fund managers a holistic view over the complete investor lifecycle features.

Company all-in-one monitor for fund managers
Fund managers

View investment transactions

See all the transactions for the investment, including the subscription, add-ons, KYC changes and more, and step into all the transaction details.

Investment transaction history

High performance navigation

The main menu has been rewritten and migrated to a new code base for a totally seamless navigation experience with new effects and faster transitions between pages.

New navigation menu on Eleven

Fund adminsFund managersInvestors

OS 7 simplifies the complex.

More innovation. More power. Even easier.

Fund administrators and fund managers, schedule a time to chat with our team to discover how easy it is to take your business, growth and operations up one more notch—or eleven.

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