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Software Release - Update

Eleven unleashes the next version of its fundraising portal for fund managers.

Eleven announced today another major software release that overhauls and expands the Offerings area of the investor portal and lets fund managers showcase their branding everywhere.

This latest software release introduces new features, more centralization and a more engaging experience throughout the investor portal.

Every feature was designed to help hedge fund managers, private equity and venture capital firms, real estate funds, placement agents and other private investment firms expand their productivity and success with their fundraising processes, while continuing to provide the most seamless, rewarding investor experience possible.

The top eight developments in this release are outlined below.

Apply your branding everywhere

With a new brand settings area, fund managers can now really put their branding forward. In just a few clicks, fund managers can change colors on charts, links, text, navigation bars and more to make their portal their own and give investors the ultimate brand experience.

Showcase portfolio investments

A new section in Offerings allows fund managers to add photos or logos of fund holdings. Real estate investments can showcase their properties. Venture capital firms can showcase which companies they have invested in.

Showcase portfolio holdings

Manage your Portal, in your Portal

Fund managers now have the ability to launch, populate and manage their offerings within their Portal. Users no longer need to use the administrative area.

Portal settings

Introducing a new Settings panel

Users can not only update settings for each offering directly in the Settings panel, but also learn about visitors, transaction activity and permissioning in one place.

Portal settings

Control visibility of each section

Fund managers can now control which tabs within each Offering are visible to investors. A simple show/hide toggle switch appears at the top of each page, making it easy to edit and see if the tab is hidden.

Portal settings

Always know what to-do

A new icon alerts you to all the things you have left to do to provide the most robust Portal possible. See which areas are missing data and decide if you would like to populate them.

Portal settings

A brand new backend

We completely rewrote and modernized the backend source code to deliver massive front-end benefits. Not only does the new engine improve the performance and functionality of the portal, it also will allow our development team to keep launching more features faster.

Better designs

We cleaned up words, designs, layouts and flows throughout the portal providing a better experience and in some cases, the ability to navigate with fewer clicks.

Come see these recent enhancements in action.

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