About Us

Modernizing private investments worldwide.

We are making private investing as electronic as public investing.

Eleven was born from a massive technology void—and a vision, determination and know-how for filling it. We have an immense desire to make the alternative investments industry a more connected, scalable and prosperous place. We love doing it with you, our customers.

For over a decade, we have been taking on complex and bold endeavours and delivering transformational, pioneering technology solutions incorporating the most valuable user experiences possible. Our motivation is to help you eliminate pain points, break barriers and take you much further than you think you can go.

Our team includes visionaries, cutting-edge designers, industry veterans and technology warriors, each united in our desire to help our customers, partners and team members take things past ten.

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Key Events


Our founder, Eric Slaim, left his role in hedge fund investing to create a central, online network for improving capital flows in the hedge fund industry by bringing information, technology and people together.


HFIN One launches its first solution, making it easier for investors to access public information about hedge funds than with Google search and Google Alerts.


Months later, we create our core product, pioneering the first full-cycle marketing and investor relations platform for hedge fund managers.


We are thrilled to connect the hedge fund industry to real-time content on Twitter.


HFIN One also spun out a branding agency, HFIN Creative, that uniquely combined branding, technology, industry and marketing expertise to help take select investment firms even further.


We develop a powerful solution that displaces sharing documents via email attachments.


HFIN One's clients represent over 30 countries and over $1 trillion in hedge fund assets.


We embark on the biggest development project in our history: re-engineering the entire HFIN One platform. We also start a major rebranding project to align the company with the newer, stronger value propositions supported by our clients.


HFIN One becomes Eleven, a customer engagement tool for fund managers and financial intermediaries to build their most highly engaged, secure communities of clients.


Eleven completes a corporate spin-out with a strong ownership structure.