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Where fund managers, fund administrators and investors work, interact, transact and grow

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Centralizing a fragmented world

Connective technology driving workflows, interactions and transactions worldwide

Enterprises and individuals use Eleven to simplify complex workflows, scale operations, boost profitability and stay ahead.


One login
Access your world of private investments

Fund Administrators

One system
Service your clients, investors and contacts

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Fund Managers

One location
Service your clients and prospects

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Placement Agents

One platform
Connect investors to opportunities

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Investment Marketplaces

One gateway
Scale distribution

One system

Powering the lifecycle of the private investment

For each party involved in the transaction

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Transformative solutions

Keeping you at the cutting edge

Here are just a few innovations catapulting companies, changing how people work and moving our industry forward.

Powerful, reusable universal cards for private investing
Investor Profiles

Powerful, reusable universal cards for private investing

Private investing should be easier. Investor Profiles on Eleven give investors a single card to make private investments quickly, electronically, accurately and securely. They do far more than that. We think they are the future of our industry.

Two way data syncing
Central layer with APIs

Two way data syncing

For fund administrators and enterprise clients, we connect with accounting systems and other software you use to give your business independence, continuity and automation. Our two-way APIs let you onboard and update everything—clients, funds, investors, transactions, contacts, investor profiles, documents, reporting data and more—instantly.

One location for the entire journey.

Investor servicing

A unified investor experience

Investors can be serviced by an investment manager in the same place throughout the entire relationship—from prospect to client. This capability unlocks tremendous value, introduces new capabilities and is helping businesses grow.

The bigger picture

A global network of private marketplaces

No matter your role in the industry, everyone builds, runs and grows their own permissioned marketplace with Eleven. Your private marketplace connects with every other marketplace you can access.

Eleven is a network of private marketplaces

Web 3.0

The way private investments works is changing.

We are a gateway to bringing alternative investments to digital assets at scale.

Distributed ledger technology is creating new possibilities with private investments, carrying great potential for things like accelerating trade settlements from days to minutes, providing greater access to investment opportunities and creating more liquidity, cost savings and workflow efficiencies.

Unlocking this massive value at scale, though, requires a centralized technology like Eleven upfront first—a system that can bring the data, people, workflows and opportunities to decentralized ledgers and tokenization at scale.

Of course, it also requires open and effective collaboration with technology companies, marketplaces, exchanges, transfer agents and other participants to bring this future for private investments here faster and bigger. So come chat with us and let's see how we can drive global change together.

Your journey with Eleven begins here.

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