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Because CRM just isn't good enough.

Eleven brings you closer to your prospects, clients and the people you interact with.

Investment companies in the alternative investment industry from hedge funds to private equity firms use Eleven to build their most highly engaged, secure communities of clients.

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CRMs and data rooms don't engage your network like Eleven.

Eleven allows fund managers of all sizes to scale their efforts, deliver outstanding client service, improve regulatory compliance and enhance their brand.

Select features Eleven CRM Software Data Rooms
Unlimited data rooms Free No $
Workflows, controls and tools for your recipients Free No No
Centralized performance reporting Free No No
CRM integrations Free No No
Direct and bulk messaging Free $ No
Access controls Free No $
Authenticated access from emails Free No $
Relationship timeline and activity Free $ No
Investor certification visibility Free No No
Relationship notes Free $ No
Login and registration functionality for your website Free No $
Automated, digitized fact sheet application Free No No
Automated personal assistant Free No No
Two way communications with your audience Free No No
Drive investment inquiries online Free No No

Already have your own client relationship processes in place?

Eleven can sit on top or alongside of your CRM and client communication systems.

Make life easier for your clients—and benefit.

Relationships are a two way street. That's why Eleven helps you and your customers. Come empower your network and bring them closer to you with valuable tools and easier, more useful access to you and your information.

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Private Investment Channels

Eleven powers independently-operated investment marketplaces run by third party financial institutions. In addition to servicing your own network, you may also apply to become part of these channels.

Integra Nexyst Horton Point Third Seven Advisors

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Move your investor relationships to the next level.

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