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Alternative investments firms use Eleven to upgrade marketing and investor relations, accelerate and scale growth, increase investor engagement and run a more efficient operation.

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Capital raising, marketing and investor relations do not have to be complicated. Get running quickly and easily with your own full lifecycle, secure, online environment that unites and helps your investors and you. You will be armed with tools, behavorial insights and data-driven workflows to shorten your sales cycles, convert your leads, upgrade your client relations and scale your marketing processes.

Engage your audience

Shorten—your sales cycles

Going from lead to client no longer has to take a year. Start driving engagement earlier and eliminating months from the due diligence timeline by giving prospects frictionless access to information and updates they need on the secure, compliant infrastructure they demand.

Convert your leads

Convert—your leads

Take an active and more effective approach to capital raising with customer-driven insights, client segmentation and integrated workflows. Embrace being a more informed seller capable of following up with your relationships in a highly tailored, more productive ways at scale.

Upgrade your client relations

Upgrade—your client relations

Client experience matters. With the industry's most intuitive, comprehensive tools, you can run a client-centric organization in pursuit of happier investors, greater brand loyalty and faster, easier growth.

Scale your marketing

Scale—your marketing

It's about getting a higher return on your marketing investment. Not only will you be able to talk to more customers more productively, but you may also save money by avoiding expensive, in-house technology projects and multiple software licenses with data everywhere.

Power the entire customer journey.

From due diligence to interactive analytics, electronic transactions, monitoring, two-way communications and personal controls, your customers can now easily and intuitively engage, interact and invest with you—all in one secure place.

All-in-one means
power, control and scalability.

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Selected features Eleven Free Eleven Pro CRMs Data rooms
Unlimited, secure data rooms No $
CRM software $ No
Behavioral insights and workflows Basic No No
Tools for your customers No No
Automated fund factsheet production Standard Custom No No
CRM integrations No No
Fund administrator integrations No $
Authenticated email access No $
Automated watermarking No $
Client portal for your website Branded No $
Two-way communications No No
Online investment inquiries No No
Digital subscriptions No No

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