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Lombard International is the insurance carrier partner for the Integra channel.


Integra aims to bring cutting edge technology to assist advisors in offering distinct investment solutions to their clients. This can be accomplished by providing increased transparency, due diligence information, flexibility to customize and access to sophisticated portfolio construction tools. Integra is designed to provide these benefits and more to the RIA industry.

Chuck Nachman, COO of Lombard International

Diversified alternative investments within tax-advantaged structures

Eligible Investors

  • US taxable investors
  • Non-US Institutional investors
  • Registered Investment Advisors
  • Insurance Brokers

Eligible Managers

  • Institutional-quality managers
  • Tax-inefficient strategies (>50% short-term capital gains, interest/dividends or ordinary income)
  • Minimum AUM $100 million
  • Minimum track record of three years


Seamless exposure to the digital asset class in partnership with Nexchange Group


As digital assets are becoming a separate asset class, investors need to have access to a select group of funds that provide institutional quality asset management and offer attractive and uncorrelated investment opportunities. We need to deliver these investment solutions to thousands of accredited investors across Asia, and the only way to do this efficiently is via our own private marketplace, Nexyst.

Juwan Lee, CEO of Nexchange

Institutional quality crypto and digital asset managers

Eligible Investors

  • Global Accredited Investors

Eligible Managers

  • Institutional quality managers
  • Crypto trading or digital asset strategies
  • Minimum Track Record 1 year
  • Minimum AUM $20m


Access to high-quality alternative fund managers curated by an institutional team led by Larry Smith, CIO, former Global CIO of Credit Suisse Asset Management.


It is important for investors to be able to have transparent access to high quality alternative funds. Our objective is to discover unique sources of alpha and make them available to our customers. With the help of Eleven technology we are able to offer a full suite of customized portfolio solutions for every customer.

Larry Smith, CIO of Horton Point

Private marketplace for clients of Horton Point

Eligible Investors

  • Qualified Purchasers

Eligible Managers

  • Any manager is welcome to apply
  • Subject to stringent due diligence process


Private channel for clients of Third Seven Advisors


The Third Seven channel services all our advisors with a one-stop solution for alternative investments. To be competitive, advisors need to be able to deliver fully customized alternative investment products for their institutional and family office clients; Our private marketplace on Eleven allows us to deliver a unique product development functionality across our entire firm.

Amit Dogra, CEO of Third Seven Advisors

Alternative investment opportunities

Eligible Investors

  • Third Seven registered advisors
  • Third Seven clients

Eligible Managers

  • All strategies
  • Minimum AUM $100,000,000
  • Three-year minimum track record
  • Approved by Third Seven investment committee

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